I was very keen on writing a contemporary piece for the season. I researched the war in Iraq through literature, documentaries and personal stories. There were many tropes I wanted to handle. The humanitarian crisis, only just beyond our shores; our history in the Iraq war; women’s differing liberties. I chose to write a play in which no one was free at the start and see how their journeys unfolded. Choosing to write the play as a Brechtian piece allowed me to tackle elements in a theatrical rather than realistic manner, which I hope heightens the experience for the audience


Audience Feedback and Reviews
– Compelling – Riveting – Upsetting – Funny-Fucking awful – Hilarious!
-This was a fantastic piece of theatre
-Really Impressive
-Loved it
-Really absorbing play. Actors inhabited their parts in a totally believable way
-A powerful play and performance that pulled me in with it’s engrossing intricate stories
-excellent caracterisations combined with clear analysis
– Fantastic story, timely , pertinent. Very well performed
-Followed pretty easily , was a bit confused by the time jump from 2014 to 2017. Ambitious Characters with lots of stories to tell.
-It was powerful and enjoyable (in as far as such material can be enjoyable) The characters were believable. The performances good

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