Anu Kumar Lazarus ( MRCP DRCOG MRCGP)  is based in  London. She is a  doctor, writer and yoga teacher. She has a background in dance.  She has lived and worked  in London’s East End  for over 30 years and is constantly inspired by it’s population. . She has also had experience of working in Australia, India, America and Malaysia.

THE FILIBUSTER PROJECT Somerset House . September 2017

Somerset House . September 2017

Anu is a G.P. in multicultural Hackney and is the Clinical lead for Patient/Resident Engagement and Equality for the Borough and the City of London.

Both in her clinical and artistic work, Anu is interested in Tanscultural Democratisation of Spaces.

Anu trained in various movement styles from a young age including contemporary dance , ashtanga yoga  and capoeira.  In amongst work  and studying Anu has been fortunate to have written plays and produce theatre projects

“I am always in the middle, in the mddle of two cultures, in the middle of two disciplines: the arts and the sciences and in the middle of a conservative  professional wonderful world and a persistent and lively imagination”

Anu’s primary interest  is story telling,  be that as a writer, a listener or designing ways of telling stories. Her ultimate aim is to try and transcend  barriers of story telling  and create modern tales .

” I believe that stories hold the key to sharing human needs and ultimately can  shape and heal the wounds and even scars of society”

“I am and have always been interested in making work for theatre. I am interested in the auditorium as a unifying present for all partakers where new worlds can be explored”

“ My work is rooted in ways of stimulating multicultural dialogue , I am interested in dialogues that transcend perception”

“My projects now involve unifying my interests.”