The Blue Monkey

By Anu Kumar, shortlisted for the 2023 Watson Little x Indie Novella Prize.

Uplifting & thoughtful story about love & rivallry

The Blue Monkey is a delicate love story and a mystery. It is about the special bond between a brother and sister through life and beyond. It is about the deep love and complex rivalries of this unique relationship.

This story is also about the subtle legacy of colonialism and how people displaced from their native culture can fall prey to insecurity and live lost lives.

This is an uplifting, thoughtful, beautiful short novel.

Anu was unbelievably privileged to be mentored by Agent Susan Armstrong from C&W via AWW (Asian Women Writers Collective) and is currently seeking an agent/publisher for this work.


‘The Blue Monkey’ has been shortlisted for the 2023 Watson x Little Indie Novella Prize.

The Blue Monkey by Anu Kumar Lazarus - cover art

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