The Lockdown Monologues

Contribution to a compilation of real-life accounts of life in the time of coronavirus
November 2020

A collection of real-life lockdown experiences

‘The Lockdown Monologues’ is a collection of real-life lockdown experiences by doctors, nurses, Covid-sufferers, members of the clergy and Foreign Office, children, students, shielders and many more from various countries.

Compiled by Harriet Powell, also responsible for ‘The Menopause Monologues’ this is a snapshot of life in the time of coronavirus.

“One of our most vital lifelines during the pandemic has been learning about other people’s experiences. Reading these made me feel more connected, more prepared and braver.”

– Dame Emma Thompson

This collection features Anu Kumar’s story of the COVID pandemic.

Lockdown monologues book cover


Compiled by:  Harriet Powell
Illustrated by: M R Goodwin
Published by: Little Taboo Press, November 2020

Available to buy here half the proceeds go to charity Shelter.


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