The Filibuster Project

A King's College London Arts in Society project
Great Arch Hall at Somerset House, September 2017

A 12 hour improvised durational piece

Anu is very proud to have taken part in The Filibuster Project.

Created and Curated by Deborah Pearson as Artist in Residence at Somerset House, this piece explored the minds of 12 women aged 13 to 73.

Each woman was asked to talk for an hour on a subject only mentioned to them before they took the podium. Audience members were invited to come and go between 10.00 and 22.00.

“The pieces asks what it means for women to be given a platform, what will be said by women who are permitted and required to speak and be listened to, and what happens when women lose their filters and the ability to self-censor or think before they speak?”


An image of Anu amongst other women dancing in Everything that Rises Must Dance

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